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Minutes from 2023 - Intergroup and Group Conscience

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NNM OA Intergroup - December 2, 2023

Kelli opened the meeting at 6:10 with the Serenity Prayer and read concept #12. In attendance

were Kelli, Herbert, Renee Ann, Audrey, Lindsay, Annette, Claudia.

Approval of Minutes

Herbert read the minutes. Renee motioned to accept Annette seconded. Approved



Treasurer - Lindsey sent a copy of her report. There was one transaction since September on

November 10th. Marsha gave a donation to Intergroup of $87.30 for the delegate fund,

increasing the balance to $1,119.60. Lindsey will reimburse Annette for attending the Houston

Intergroup conference for $1,363.36, reducing the delegate budget. Website expenses

forthcoming to be paid by Lindsey with reimbursement to her on December 19th for $197.34.

She asked that the minutes reflect approval of her reimbursement since she is reimbursing

herself. Balance is $2,559.92 before reimbursements to Annette and Lindsey. Motion to accept

the report by Audrey. Seconded by Annette. Approved unanimously. Motion to allow

reimbursement to Lindsey for the Wick Plan up to $200. Motioned by Audrey. Seconded by

Claudia seconded. Approved unanimously.

Public Information - None

Region 3 - Annette read her report from the Houston Intergroup conference. She reported on

the availability of a speaker list, a flyer and an OA convention she is planning to attend and

prior expenses to be expected for her upcoming travel to the convention. Lindsey will post the

flyer on the website under Special Events.

Website - Lindsey reported on statistics for the workshop. There were 114 sessions, up 34%,

and unique visitors were 68, up 3% and some use on Speakers and Members pages. Premium

plan is for 2 years, due in December. Domain name expenses expected at the end of 2024 for

$30 to $40. The “bucket” for operations costs is $252.66.

Old Business

Lindsey and Kelli attended the Central NM Intergroup. The meeting was 1:40 long but they had

many reports and many service positions. We are considering folding into them and disbanding

the NNM OA Intergroup. They include Las Cruses but mostly represent Albuquerque what has

a large population. They are very active with a newsletter, phone number and website. The

discussion to consider joining will be taken up at a future meeting.

New Business

Moved to next month.


Lindsey made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Annette. Kelli adjourned the meeting at 6:48

with the Serenity Prayer


November 4, 2023 NNM Intergroup Minutes

Kelli opened the meeting at 9:10. She read from concept #12.

Herbert read the minutes. Lindsey made the motion to accept. Renee seconded. Approved


Treasurer Report

Lindsey reported. The balance is $2,472.62. We got $900 in September from the 8 AM

meeting, which can be added to the delegate bucket. We need another $467 in the delegate

bucket to be full, but we have enough but need to reimburse Annette for the fall conference.

Kelly asked is there is a prudent reserve. Renee motioned to accept. Lee seconded. Approved


Public Information


Region 3

Annette reported that she attended the Region 3 conference. She was not ready to report. She

will report at the next meeting. She could not attend some of the events due to illness. She has

a report of expenses. Lindsey said her expenses are pre-approved.

World Service Report



Lindsey reported that there were 85 sessions, 65 were unique. There were 3 people who

accessed the members on list in the last month. Herbert asked to clarify what is a “session.”

She clarified it is a return visitor or a new visitor. The meeting list is the second most sessions.

A session is a “visit” to the website. We are not getting a lot of traffic on the website. Lee asked

to have a discussion on how to increase traffic.This will be discussed under new business.

Lindsey said there is a decent amount of traffic but she has not pursued ways to increase

traffic to the website because it is promoting the program, not attracting newcomers. Lindsey

referred the group to the website to see the Members Only page as a place to solicit donations.

Audrey thanked Lindsey. Lindsey mentioned her interest in website training.

Special Events


Old Business

Herbert mentioned the email that was under old business and the nomination for a new

chairperson. Annette read the draft email.

Kelli made a few corrections to the email. They are:

It is “Northern New Mexico OA (NNMOA) Intergroup meetings” not “Region 3” and “First

Saturday at 9:10 AM MT” not “8:00 AM MT.”

Lindsey asked about the benefits of attending intergroup meetings. Herbert stated that the

service helps him maintain recovery. He will add a statement about the personal benefits of

service to the email. Audrey added a comment that “We cannot give away what we do not

have.” Lindsey - “Participating in intergroup is “The program in action.” Annette commented on

the meaning of “we” in that our group is in Santa Fe. The purpose of intergroup is to connect

the “we” of the program across the region. Lee asked about joining the Central New Mexico

intergroup since there are no other groups in northern New Mexico. Annette suggested further

discussion. Lindsey recalled a prior meeting with the discussion of dis-banning. Kelli clarified

that the group voted to continue as we are now. Audrey asked if there are other meetings in the

region. Annette suggested we bring up another vote. Audrey moved to discuss under new

business. Seconded by Lee.

Lee made a motion to hold off on the email until this item is decided. Lindsey suggested

adding a statement about personal benefits. Herbert Seconded. 4 in favor. 0 against. 2 abstain.

Motion passed.

New Business

Lindsey is becoming more “incoherent” with numbers and would like to find a replacement as

Treasurer. She asked the group for help. Audrey is “crazy, weird good” with numbers and can

help but will step down from her other position. Audrey and Lindsey will talk.

Lee mentioned the retreat as transformative. She is willing to find out if we can join the Central

NM Intergroup. Annette discussed our need to evaluate the decision to join another intergroup

and the impact of Zoom meetings versus in-person meetings. Audrey said much of we discuss

in intergroup can be addressed at group conscious. Lindsey motioned that we explore more

about Central NM Intergroup. Seconded by Audrey. Lindsey suggested contacting the head of

their Central NM Intergroup and attend their meetings. It may be possible to merger website,

for example. Audrey seconded and suggested more than one person attend their meetings.

Approved unanimously. Annette shared their meeting schedule, which are held on the 2nd

Saturday of the month on Zoom.

Kelli made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Audrey. Kelli closed the meeting with the serenity

prayer at 10:05 MT.

Herbert will send the minutes with Kelli, Annette, Audrey, Lee, Renee, Lindsey, Theo.


Northern New Mexico OA Intergroup Meeting October 7, 2023

In attendance were Kelli, Herbert, Renee, Elle, Audrey, Annette, Theo.

Kelli opened the meeting and read the meeting minutes from 9.2.23. Renee motioned to accept

the minutes. Seconded by Annette. Approved unanimously.

Treasurer Report - None

Public Information and Outreach - None

Region 3 - Annette reported that she will attend the conference in Houston and will report on

the conference.

World Service - Kelli stated that we need a representative to attend World Service.

Website - Lindsey was not available to report on the website.

Special Events - Kelli called for volunteers to support special events.

Old Business - The group discussed how to increase attendance at jntergroup meetings.

Herbert volunteered to draft an email to invite fellows on the contact list to attend meetings

with a short description. Motion by Herbert. Seconded by Annette. Annette will work with

Herbert to send an email and create a flyer to add to the chat during meetings. Approved. 5 in

favor. One opposed.

Kelli called for a motion to add a flyer to the chat. Motion by Annette. Seconded by Audrey.

Approved unanimously.

Audrey asked about a previous discussion regarding the benefits of sending reps to Region 3

conferences and events. Audrey and Annette debated the contents of the minutes and the level

of detail they provide. Kelli summarized the misunderstanding and invited Annette to write a

statement of the contributions and benefits of attending such events with OA funds. She stated

that one of the purposes of the fund is to pay for representatives to attend events.

New Business - Kelli asked for volunteers to be a new chairperson for Intergroup. The group

nominated Kelli. Kelli accepted the nomination for one more year. Approved unanimously.

Herbert volunteered to be the Secretary. Motioned by Annette. Seconded by Renee. Five in

favor. One abstain. Motion passed.

Kelli called for a motion to adjourn. Audrey asked if there are service opportunities for her since

she is no longer the Secretary for the Intergroup meetings. There are several. Motioned by

Audrey. Seconded by Renee. Elle asked about a service position for Audrey. Audrey asked

about abstinence requirements for various service positions. Elle nominated Audrey to be the

WSO representative. Renee seconded. Approved unanimously.

Motion to adjourn approved unanimously.

Kelli closed the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.


Minutes for the Group Conscience on 09 September 2023

Present: Kelli, Audrey, Andrea, Lindsay, Elle, Marybeth, Lee, Annettee, and Elena.

Kelli called the meeting to order with the Serenity Prayer and read Tradition 5.

Elle read the Secretary’s Report. Elle motioned to accept the secretary’s report, Lindsay 2nded. Passed Unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report given by Andrea. Bal: $2033.86 Prudent Reserve: $400.69 same as last month.

Kelli:  $1500  split goes to 60% to Intergroup, 30% WSO, 10% Region 3. Lindsay motioned. 2nded by Elena.  Passed Unanimously.

Old Business: Discussion of Literature from Loaner Library tabled to the next meeting.


New Business:



Adjourn: Marybeth moved.  Lindsay 2nded. Passes Unanimously.

Kelli closes the meeting at 11:38am with the Serenity Prayer.

Next Group Conscience 14 October 2023. 


Minutes Intergroup Meeting 09/02/23

Marcia opened the meeting at 9:10 with the Serenity Prayer.

Audrey, Marcia, Kelli, Lindsay, Renee, Theo, and Estrella were present.

Marcia read Concept 12.

Marcia was the Secretary last meeting and read the Secretary’s report from the last meeting. Kelli moved to accept the Minutes. Renee 2nded. Passed unanimously.

Lindsay read the Treasurer’s Report. No Transactions since August. Bal. $1572.62 Bal. needs to be $2300. Supposed to be receiving a donation from the 8am meeting. Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report: Kelli. 2nded by Renee. Passes




Special Events: need 2 people to do workshop so that Estrella can be the 3rd person. Need a person who is familiar with technology.

Public Outreach: Rally for Recovery: 23 September 2023 at the Rodeo Fairgrounds.

R3: No report

Website: 57 unique viewers. Incl. Silent Retreat Brochure Events, and Hilda’s talk. Some people have expressed interest in posting speakers meetings onto websites.


Old Business:

Frequency of Meeting. Marcia okay with meeting once a month. Audrey agreed. Renee motion to accept. Lindsay 2nded. Passes Unianimously.


New Business:

Kelli wants to discuss how to approach people to come to Intergroup.

Audrey says people don’t know what Intergroup is

Renee says she’ll announce what Intergroup is,

Marcia says she found out IG is on website, possibility of posting on our website.

OA Handbook is on the Website.

Chairpersons Sat. Mtg. Ask Speakers about IG & Group Conscience.


Twice a year (?)

What are the 8am Groups getting out of this.

Continued discussion about what do the 8am Groups get out of sending representatives to R3.

Motion was made by Audrey to

Kellie 2nded

Passes unanimously.


Marcia steps down as chairperson due to personal reasons.


Motion to Adjourn Lindsay

2nded by Kelli Passes unanimously.

Marcia closes the meeting with the Serenity Prayer at 10:04am

Next Meeting: 07 October 2023


Northern NM OA Intergroup Meeting 5/6/23

Moderator/Chair:  Annette H

Present:  Lindsay, Kelli, Lisa R, Marybeth, Mary Jo, Theo, Renee, Lee

Acting secretary:  Lee

1.       Annette read minutes from 4/1/23 meeting, taken by Marcia

a.      Lindsay motion to accept minutes, seconded by Kelli, minutes accepted unanimously

2.      Treasurer report by Lindsay

a.      We received $1,000 from 8 am

b.      Donation of $100 will be sent to region, $300 to WSO

c.      $1552.62 balance

d.      Our bucket when full is $3k, and our bucket is not full

e.      Lindsay explained some limitations of Paypal account and some details regarding Del Norte Credit Union Bank

f.       Lindsay learned that mileage reimbursement for non-profit is $.14 per minute and will bring this up at future meeting because it is so low

g.      Kelli motion to accept report, and MJ seconded, minutes accepted unanimously

3.      Report from Outreach Service committee by Mary Jo and Marybeth

a.      MJ gave all outreach materials to Marybeth who has taken

b.      Outreach Service Committee chair is vacant

c.      Mary Jo’s 3-7 year service commitment was applauded

4.      Fall Assembly and convention for Regional 3 report

a.      Annette announced that Oct 13-15 in Houston TX

b.      Annette, regional 3 delegate, is volunteering to attend

c.      If we don’t have enough funds, then

5.      Report from WSO convention held in Albuquerque

a.      Attended by Claudia who was not present at today’s meeting

6.      Website report by Lindsay

a.      Last month, we had 161 visits, most coming from meetings page

b.      Audio recordings are posted from most of our speaker meetings

7.      Special events committee report

8.      Old business

a.      Lindsay reported 7th tradition donation of $80 from workshop

b.      Lindsay proposed motion that mileage reimbursement rate in the future be $0.50 per mile.  All in favor except 1 opposed.  Motion passed

c.      Lindsay proposed motion moving $500 from outreach bucket into delegate bucket, leaving $150 in outreach bucket.  Passed unanimously

d.      Lindsay proposed motion moving $300 from operations bucket into delegate bucket, leaving $450 in the operations bucket.  Passed unanimously

9.      New business

a.      Marybeth requested minute format/template to be sent to her

b.      Marybeth announced newcomer committee that has been formed for the 8 am meeting comprised of Marybeth, Lisa, Elle & Karen

10.   Motion to adjourn at 9:53 am, seconded by Kelli

a.      Closed with Third Step Prayer

b.      Lee will send these minutes to Lindsay who will post on website as a draft

Thank you for allowing me, Lee, to be of service as secretary of today’s meeting. 


3/11       Group Conscious Meeting of Santa Fe 8a meeting. Submitted by Lisa

Present:  Samantha, Lisa, Lindsay, MaryBeth, Kelli, Hilda, Andrea, Louise, Renee, Herbert, Estrella, Theo, Audrey.

The meeting was opened by Hilda with the Serenity Prayer.

MaryBeth read minutes of last Group Conscious.  Kelli moved to accept as read, Lindsay seconded – the minutes were passed.

Old Business:

Secretary needed.

Special events – Estrella reported out on Body Image workshop

Contact List – Discussion later in the meeting.

Treasurer Report:

Andrea reported out the following balances – Checking 2617.56 and Prudent Reserve 400.56.  Report accepted as read.  Lindsay brought up distribution to intergroup – To be discussed under old business.

Literature Report:

Contact people at 6 months if books are out.  MaryBeth has gotten daily readers and will get them to Audrey.  Audrey will add to new business the issue that the loaner books are not being utilized.

Old Business:

Contact List Revisions – Renee reported that Karen and Rand are working on contact list with her.  Discussion and suggestions made to make updating the contact list less labor intensive.  Louise suggested an email where people were given the choice to subscribe moving forward.  Renee is going to move forward with suggestions given.  No other action required on this issue.

Transfer of 7th tradition to WSO, Region, and Intergroup.  Lindsay shared that the past 2 years a transfer of 1000.00 to be split per OA recommendation.  Discussion ensued, there were concerns raised that Andrea was not present.  The group decided  the treasure did not need to be present to discuss the distribution of funds as the treasurer report had already been given.  Kelli made a motion to distribution of 1000.00 be made.  MaryBeth seconded.  There was more discussion.  Motioned passed with 7 in favor and 1 abstention.

New Business:

Louise put forward the question of recording speaker meeting with consent of the speaker.  The recording would be posted on the website under the members only section.  Motion to accept was made and seconded.  The motion passed unanimously.

MaryBeth made motion to adjourn and Audrey seconded.  The motion passed and Hilda adjourned the meeting a little after 10.


2/11/2023 OA Group Conscience Minutes

Attendees: Estrella, Rene, Andrea, Annette, Stacey, MaryBeth, Elle

Chair: Marybeth opened the meeting at 9:10 AM

Minutes: Rene read the minutes with one correction. Minutes were excepted as


Treasurer’s Report: Andrea reported $2041.30 in the operating account and $400.04

in the prudent reserve. Report was accepted as read.

Members were asked for suggestions to put on the agenda for today's meeting.

Old Business:

1. A recording secretary is needed to take these notes that you are reading right

now at our group conscience once a month. This simple service position requires

that you take notes once a month, type them out and send to the rest of us. It will

take a couple of hours of your time every month.

2. Special events Estrella reported on the upcoming body image workshop to be

held in March. She made a motion asking permission for the workshop to use our

8am Zoom room. Motion passed and permission has been given.

3. Rene and Rand are updating and refreshing our Contact List. They would

appreciate at least one more person to help them go through the list. Thank you for

considering this service.

4. It was mentioned that Lindsay, our webmaster, is working on a way to easily

access the website to post messages from our group.

New Business: Nada.

Next Group Conscience: March 11, 2023

Meeting adjourned at 9:35

In the spirit of fellowship, Mb


Northern New Mexico – Overeaters Anonymous Intergroup Minutes for Jan 7, 2023

MEETING OPENS: Marcia opened with Serenity Prayer at  9:10a

          Chair Identified:  Marcia

          Secretary Identified: Lindsay- abbrev notes

          Concept 12 – read by: Marcia_


Marcia read aloud the minutes of the last meeting; asks if there are any corrections or additions.

1.     : None

2.     Motion to accept as read made by:Estrella & Seconded by Kat

3.     Vote Passed:  unanimously


Chair asks for Treasurer’s Report; asks if there is any discussion. (Secretary notes any discussion – if no discussion happens, circle none below).

1.      bal: $2150.02

2.     No transactions this month

3.     Delegate bucket is down, as budgeted.

4.     Lindsay is talking to Andrea (8am treasurer) about doing an audit. Also about possibility of getting a credit card for 8am through Paypal.

5.     Motion to accept the minutes as read made by: Estrella & Seconded:by Marybeth

6.     Vote Passed:  unanimous


no report – Mary jo not here


Annette was going to be on zoom but missed. The region site has a list of 40 speakers. Webpage is not working well. Hard to find the list. .Potential speakers need to go through an application process.

She’s requested 2 speakers from that list.

 For now contact Annette for info on possible 8am Sat speaker meetings. She has notes from the meeting if anyone wants.

 WORLD SERVICE (______________):

WSO – no rep for now. Annette may be able to fill in

 WEBSITE  (Lindsay)

~48 contacts, so our site is getting seen

Lindsay has developed a “members only page”, accessible with a password. Marcia likes it – “if I can get to it anyone can”   ☺ MaryBeth also likes the idea

Lindsay says there are some revisions and considerations. As the model shows, minutes can run into the buttons at the buttom – it would be better to have a button hyperlink the opened up the minutes of interest. It would also be desirable to have these able to be uploaded by the minutes author, not all needing Lindsay. This may be possible with a blog option.  Lindsay warned that nothing on the internet is truly confidential.

The group agreed that Lindsay should explore buttons to access minutes and the possibilities of a blog section . Don’t put contact list on the members only page.


Estrella found $14 from an old workshop. She’ll send it to Lindsay as treasurer.

Estrella would like to do a Body Image workshop. Needs 2 volunteers to work with her:  Louise and Renee volunteered..  The workshop would probably a 2 hour event on Zoom. Probably in ~3 months. Estrella will contact Louise and Renee to set a time for planning.


 Topic:  streamlining meeting: Marcia, MB, Lindsay

Suggestions: Keep announcements brief. Put info in chat vs giving verbally.

.  But this is really a matter for Group Conscience since Intergroup doesn’t handle the meeting formats. MaryBeth will forward her suggestions to take to Group Conscience.


Topic:  Vacancies: WS (maybe Annette), Public info & community outreach.; IG Treasurer or Website (Lindsay is doing both now. It would be easier for someone new to come in as Treasurer)

Discussion:   need to announce vacancies in meetings.  Are there descriptions? MaryBeth: yes, on OA website. 


Topic:   financial audit – lindsay is leaving it up to Andrea to pick 2 others for her committee.


 NEW BUSINESS: Chair asks for New Business, if any.

Topic:  none


1.     Motion made by Lindsay & seconded by Marybeth

2.     Vote passed unanimously


Marcia closed the meeting with the Serenity_Prayer at 10:04


Note: Lindsay will prepare minutes of this meeting.

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