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What's New At the OA.ORG Website!

Did you know OA.ORG offers dozens of free downloads? Did you also know has a series of podcasts on sponsorship? Highlight the link below, then click on "Control" and "Enter" to listen to the sponsorship series online: ​

You can also go online to OA.ORG, click on Podcasts/Videos link, and choose from a long list of other subjects. Enjoy them on your computer or download them on your device. Enjoy! And more…. Remember, this is a "WE" Program! This message is from the Region 3 Twelfth-Step-Within Committee (TSW), reaching out to those who still suffer and to address relapse and recovery! Keep Coming Back! It Works When You Work It, And You’re Worth It!

The Region 3 Public Information/Professional Outreach [PIPO] Committee needs each and every one of YOU!


Help us achieve our continuing goal: for each one of us to reach one (at least) health care provider this year with our OA message. This is a great opportunity for every member of our fellowship to share OA with the medical community. If each of us does our part, we can inform thousands of medical professionals about the recovery from compulsive food behaviors available in OA, so that they in turn can share the message with their patients who suffer with our disease. Remember: When sharing OA with another person, nothing is stronger than our own personal success stories. You ARE the Message! And you can keep [your share] short and simple!


Here are some optional suggestions for [sharing the OA message with a health care provider]:

  •   Check to see when you have an upcoming doctor’s appointment.

  •   Make a note in your calendar or on your phone to remember to talk to your health care provider about OA at your appointment.

  •   Commit to talking to your doctor about OA and what it has done for you.

  •   Print out to give to your doctor the "The Courier Newsletter" (available at

  •   Follow up and share in a meeting about talking with your doctor about OA.

  •   Encourage and ask your fellow OA members to reach out to their medical providers too.

  • Please remind others of Region 3’s goal and be a part of EACH ONE – REACH ONE! Remember that together we can do what we could never do alone.


Thank you, Region 3 PIPO (Public Information/Professional Outreach) Committee)!

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