Where To Find An OA Meeting in Northern New Mexico

Online and telephone meetings are a great resource for attaining and maintaining abstinence from compulsive eating, food restricting, and purging. To find them, go to the Overeaters Anonymous home website, at www.oa.org. For Northern New Mexico Zoom meetings, see below.


Need to meet One on One with a Sponsor or Sponsee?

Go to zoom.com to up your very own Zoom account and meeting!


**Please note: Out of courtesy for your fellow OA members, 

OA Zoom meeting Accounts/Links are no longer to be used for anything

but the official OA meetings that are listed below**

The Friendship Club has re-opened for 12 step meetings.
However the OA meetings once held at the Club
are still meeting online until further notice -
at zoom.com!


Morning Meetings: 7 days a week, every day in the year, 8:00am Mountain Time. 

Meeting ID for all the morning meetings:  748 286 152; Password 1234

Monday Evening Meeting: 5:00 pm MT. Meeting ID:  983 851 226. Focus: Reading and meditation. Password 1234

Tuesday Evening Meeting: 7:00pm MT ID# 983 851 226 Password 1234 . Focus: book study.

Saturday Late Morning Meeting: 10:30 am MT.  contact 505-473-9132 for meeting Zoom ID and password



Saturday Late Late Morning Meeting:  11:30am MT. In the Community Room (near public restrooms) at DeVargas Mall,
Santa Fe, near Starbucks entrance

Taos In Person Meeting:  6:00 to 7:00 PM at Casa Benavidez on Kit Carson Road,  Contact (575) 770-8013

or taosovereater@gmail.com





For Detailed, step-by-step Instructions on the Zoom Website

on accessing a meeting, please click HERE

If you'd like more help, 

click on "Talk to Us" below and send us a message,

letting us know what you need and how to contact you.



Note: If once on the Zoom site, you're willing to be seen by other attenders,


at the Video Preview window, click on "Join with Video". 

If you'd rather nobody saw your image while you attend,

click on "Join without Video."

Whichever you choose, click last on "Join with Computer Audio".

Please MUTE yourself after joining the meeting.

The full Zoom screen should then appear with the

faces of other attendees visible.